Futura Trōpica
How does the Interplanetary Grass-Root communicate to each other?

| Futura Trōpica | is an intertropical decentralized network of grass-root local networks for lateral exchange of local resources and tropical know- how. It plays with the narrative of the Wood Wide Web and the way trees are interconnected, communicate to each other and redistribute nutrients with the help of fungi as mycellium. It uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol to connect rhizomes in Bogotá, Kinshasa and Bengaluru, growing with the inclusion of Ouagadougou and Manila. Each Rhizome is composed of a DIY Local Network in combination with a USB based distribution system similarly as ‘El Paquete Semanal’ in Cuba.

Estación Terrena is a Research Rhizome of the Network in Bogotá Colombia.

Futura Trōpica is a project supported by EYEBEAM at Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future.

United Screens
How could Film Culture connect in the Global South?

United Screens is a long term research, networking and exhibition project, conceived at S A V V Y Contemporary, Berlin, that intends to create a platform through which a network of community cinema programmers can be enabled to screen quality alternative cinema and video art. These films would be hosted on a de-centrally curated database of alternative cinema/video art. We are working towards a new technology- based platform to distribute independent films produced across the Global South, comprising of African and Asian continents at large, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Indian subcontinent.

Drawing from the combined spirit of the anti-neocolonial Third Cinema proposition of South America, film cooperatives of Indian subcontinent, avant-garde movements of Eastern Europe, as well as, decolonial resistances of the African continent, we at S A V V Y Contemporary were inspired to look into cinema practices active in the contemporary “Global South”, and inquire into the challenges and opportunities in their transnational exhibition.

United Screens aspires to become a decentralised, yet peer-reviewed and peer-promoted think-tank on film cultures from the Global South.

Curadoría Local: Valentina Medina, Álvaro Rodríguez, Juan Pablo García Sossa

ARTISTIC DIRECTION Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung CURATION Abhishek Nilamber, Laura Kloeckner, Juan Pablo García Sossa MANAGEMENT Lema Sikod, Jörg-Peter Schulze, Billy Fowo DESIGN Juan Pablo García Sossa COMMUNICATIONS Anna Jäger RUSHES are organised as part of the project UNITED SCREENS: NEAR EAST, MIDDLE EAST, FAR EAST. Contemplations on Contemporary Cinema – in collaboration with Wekalet Behna (Egypt), AVEC – L’Association de Volontariats, Échange Culturel et Action des Jeunes (Tunisia), NAAS – Network of Arab Alternative Screens (Lebanon), Estación Terrena (Colombia), and others. SUPPORT This project is generously supported by Arab Funds for Art & Culture (AFAC).